Simple data not displaying

I’m creating a relatively simple database using user-generated inputs.

There are a few input fields, a couple of questions with radio buttons, dropdowns, etc. After a user has answered those questions, I’d like to create a profile page where they can see all of their responses summarized in once place. However, after creating things upon the user submitting their data, I can’t for the life of me get the data to display correctly. The closest i’ve gotten is to have it display a list of the data, after using the “search” function within the dynamic expression generator.

Can someone please help me trouble shoot this? The app can be found at

The current setup I have is here:

Which looks like this in preview:

Which then appears as this when translated into the live app, with a user logged in:

What is it that I have incorrectly set up, so that it shows me lists of some data, and blank fields in other areas? Three things:

  1. Since page is of Company type, check runmode url has pagename/company-uniqueid like:

  2. Update Group Company data source to Current Page Company

  3. Update nested groups data source in Group Company to Parent Group’s Company rather than a search on all companies

That was super helpful! I am closer, but haven’t solved it yet. one of the issues is that I don’t believe the check you outlined in #1 is happening. Currently, on a live test, the URL the profile page is returning is simply:

I have a feeling it’s related to the data being sent to that page, but can’t sort that out either. See below for the options I’m working with:

Step 2:

So in short, there is no company-unique-id associated with the page that’s being returned. Do you know how I can address that? Is there a previous page or searchbar on current page that sends data to this page? Then you can send this company

No, there isn’t a previous page that sends data to this page. What we’re actually viewing is the reusable element header, and so it’s simply a profile button that is meant to navigate users to their Profile page. That profile page ought to ideally show data that was submitted from one of several pages that the user interacted with previously. On those pages, they answer a few questions each.

Would it be easier if I simply moved all the questions to one page, and then used that page to send data to the profile page?