Simple Drag and Drop? How does it work?

Hi all, Can somebody tell me how to do a simple drag and drop please? I just want to drag those images in the reapeating group below. How to set it up? Can you show/explain it to me please?
And how to save it in a database?


This post may help - A Little Drag and Drop Fun

Hi @louisadekoya Thank you for your help :slight_smile: I start figure out a little bit. But how to do a simple drag and drop without to match with the name ? With no match? A simple drag and drop? Because, when I tried and did and drag and drop the image, it disappear. It wasn’t shown in the reapeating group (drop area).
How to set it up? Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

If you simply want to drag and drop without matching, you jut need to put the image in a drag drop group and drag it to the drop zone. I have done something similar here -

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@louisadekoya Thank you very much for helping. I’m now able to do a simple drag and drop but it’s too simple and the UX is not great. I’m looking for a way to learn more of how a perfect drag and drop work :slight_smile:

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