Simple question about Bubble and CRM

Hi all,
New user in Bubble,
Wanted to ask a simple thing:

Started to build a very simple app of small CRM.
My data Types for now are:

After user login - I would like to show him only his clients.
I added an option to the user to add clients, - but when i log out and login with another user - all clients are visible.

My question is simple:
how do I display to the user only his clients?
How can I link the user to his clients on the DB?
Please see here for more details:

Welcome to the forum!

You need to learn how privacy rules work:

And to link the client to the user, just add a user field to the Client data type, you can call it ‘Owner’ for example and assign it the User type. Then when you create the client, assign the user to that field.

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Working great!