Simple question about repeating groups

I have a repeating group
and in this repeating group, I have an input field (description)
also, i have a button
I would like to make a workflow - if the last input field is empty>show alert.
I added the alert next to the input field but then I cant find it (like i don’t have an alert to choose)
Does anyone know what’s the best option?

Not sure if this really helps… but here is what I would try. I would not use a work flow and instead I would use conditionals.

-I would make sure the alert is HIDDEN ON PAGE LOAD

-Then I would click the alert and click CONDITIONALS. Under the conditionals, I would make a new condition. Mine would state that when input field (description’s) value is empty. Then leave like that.

-Under the select a property to change, I would click, this element is visible, and check the box.

From here your goal should be achieved.

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