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Simple Question - Newbie

Hi All,

Simple question I am struggling with (newbie here).

I am using the Sign Up / Login re-usable element. I have two buttons on my page

‘Try App Name’

For the login button, I am trying to access the login part of the re-usable element and direct my users to that part of the element with a workflow. I am able to ‘show’ the Sign Up / Login element, as seen below. But for the login button, I want to be able to show the login part and do not know how to access that specific section via a workflow

Any support would help!

That entirely depends on how your Signup/Login Popup element is configured, but the most logical approach would be to use a custom state to control whether the Login or Signup parts of the form are displayed.

Then, you just need to set the value in the same workflow you use to show the element.

So, after your ‘Show Popup’ action, add another element action to set the state on the element (or wherever it exists) to the value that controls when the login form is shown.

If you’re using a template and you can’t figure out how the popup and forms are configured, I’d suggest simply taking a look at the login form and seeing what conditionals (if any) are set - that will tell you what custom state values you need to set in order to show the Login form.

Alternatively you could just do it using more show/hide actions, but that can get a bit messy.