Simple site creation for clients

I don’t know what subcategory this fits in.

I’m building a service that will give each client its own site. I don’t want them to have a full site builder. It will be very template driven, with perhaps a few design choices, some page choices and customization of the static content on pages.

Is there any way to do this in Bubble, perhaps with a plug-in?

So far, I haven’t seen any actions that will help.

Many thanks

I own an instant website builder and api link to a dashboard built with bubble.

Building out individual sites all under one app will be quite complex, not the greatest for SEO, and most likely have loading issues.

Custom domains is possible but not supported with bubble alone.

I’d recommend build out with something like grape JS for your use case.

I actually think it is possible, what you could is set up some data fields on the data type user for each for the choices they can choose, and just use dynamic data for the content of the site.

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