Simple social media submission

hello bubblers!

I could do with a slight amount of guidance, i have created a social media page, i would now like from a profile to submit to the social media page. How can i link the text and images given so when submit is selected it will create the data in my social media database and in turn show this on the users social media feed? I Hope this makes sense thankyou so much!

Hello, there are a few ways:

  1. For each social network you want to post, you can request approval at the social network. Depending upon the network you might have to show your business incorporation documentation, videos of your app, and go through a review process. Often you’ll need to make different requests for different permissions at a network. After getting approval, you can then integrate the social network’s API using Bubble’s API Connector. For example, here are Facebook’s API docs: Facebook Developer Docs | Facebook APIs, SDKs & Guides and review requirements: App Review - Documentation - Facebook for Developers
  2. My company has a Social Media Bubble Plugin and guide for the API Connector. Even if want to go directly to the social networks, some of the walk-through guides can be useful for the API integration.

Please let me know if you have any specific questions and can try to help.

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