Simple,yet not that simple things

Maybe, but the answer depends totally on what you ultimately need your data to do.
I am confused by why you have a list of candidates as well. This may also need to be structured differently.

I need messages to be a list, because every talent contains messages that I need to diplay in another RG.

like in talent create another field messages=messages? Didn’t worked out.

So, this is really important regarding relationships:
If you have a 1:many relationship where you only need a very simple list of things associated with a main thing, then the list of things will work.
BUT, if you need to do even one feature on that list (which in your case you do because of the filter = read), then the list of things will not work.

I can’t advise on what the right structure is because I am not familiar enough with your needs. But I know this: List of things won’t work for your needs.

I have to sign off now. There are a ton of posts and resources on this topic that can help with your situation.

@sat_miha just wondering, what exactly is the purpose of that condition?
Are you looking to filter talents based on the fact that they read (or not read) the last message? Any message? All messages?

looking to filter talents based on the fact that they had any message with status unread

@SerPounce is right it might not be the best config out there. There might be a way to do it while still having the List of Messages in Talent though:

  1. Make sure you have the following data type config:

  2. Set the RG data source:messages.talent3

  3. Make sure you have those Search for Messages constraints:

Do let us know if that works

Well, I don’t know because loading never ends)

Will think about changing data structure.

@sat_miha that’s weird, works for me:
The editor link:

  • I created dummy Messages and Talent in App Data
  • Make sure you don’t have any wrong privacy rules on your Messages data fields (especially ‘Read’ and ‘Talent’)
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It’s working but with the amount of data that I have it takes like 30 seconds to apply.
In live I have 10x data vs development, so right now it’s a solution that I can’t use.
But it works yeah, Thank you for your help.

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