Simulate a keypress event in bubble?


is there a way to make bubble simulate a keypress event ? With a particular focussed plugin I need the “delete” key to be pushed by bubble, not the user. Is this possible?

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I’m not too sure to be honest, maybe you can use the Air Keyboard Shortcut plugin?

If not some custom JS on a workflow event.

Whats the use case scenario for the user?

Hi luke2,

thank you for your awesome advice ! The use case scenario for the user is as follows: There is a plugin with an input window, and the user is expected to write something into that window. Now when the plugin is initiated on page load, said window unfortunately doesn’t come in empty, but contains an undesired initialization text.

According to the programmer nothing can be done on the level of the plugin code, so the best way to present the user a properly empty zone would be to just programatically delete the initialization text. Triggering a keypress event of the key “delete” would do the job.

A google search for JS returns keypress events being possible with jQuery. Do you have experience with jQ in bubble?

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