Simultaneous, independent, multi-touch of 2 draggable groups?

Hi folks! Need some help here! :blush:

I’d like to do multi-touch. Many games have a joystick for direction and one for actions. Has anyone done multi-touch out there?

ie. What I’m looking for:

two simple draggable groups, each able to be simultaneously and independantly moved. My android doesn’t allow this on Bubble. :unamused:

Hi Ashley, I am also interested in multi-touch. Did you figure out how to do it?

I am looking into Bubble to create a single page web app that would use a traditional game controller (joystick and action buttons) to dialogue with some characters for storytelling purposes.

I do not need multitouch to launch my idea, but I will need this feature in the future, and I realize I may have to migrate to an actual game engine for this.

For now, I would love to know if I can create a thumb controller without multitouch so I am wondering what you meant by this:

build some thumb controllers out of a cardinal rose collection of a draggable (return, not hide) group, and drop zones all around. There are a few more steps to that. I’m just throwin’ this down quickly, so if you need the blow by blow on how to do that, drop me a line. It’s not so complex.

Thanks, brennan

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Hey Brennan,

Apologies for the heinously delayed response!

Multitouch hasn’t arrived on the shores of Bubble land… Suks to be us right?

It’ll arrive sooner or later as a feature…


Oh, I just had an idea…

Lemme check something out and get back to you!


Yeah, I have a partial solution, however it depends on your use case!