Since Mars : difference in application behavior

I left my work on the app last March. I reopened it yesterday to work on it. The behavior has changed both on “Repeating groups” and on the “PopUP” display.
The display difference can be seen by switching from slow debug mode to normal debug mode.
What used to work in normal mode now requires a page reload. In slow debug mode the action is performed correctly.

For example, adding or modifying a value in normal mode from a popup was immediately added or modified in the “repeating group” concerned.

This is no longer the case. Now, you have to reload the page to see the changes or the addition.

Have you been affected by this kind of problem?
Thank you for your answers.


There has been a swath of changes since the beginning of covid. If you find differences, your best bet is to submit a bug report and let support sort it out.

Hello Duke.
This is what I did. The response has been elusive despite the fact of visualizing the problem.
I was advised to address myself to the forum … LOL

Oof. To be honest they’ve been swamped lately rolling out new features is never without it’s hiccups. A few people have mentioned what you’re experiencing - but with APIs. My rgs are still loading fine. Can you show us a video of what you mean, and your setup? Not much we can do without. Even then, I wouldn’t expect too much out of us - maybe your best bet would be to rebuild it. Not very helpful, I know.

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Below is another example of the difference in operation between slow debug mode and normal debug mode.

Before the behavior in normal debug mode, corresponded to the behavior of the current slow debug mode.

@abaudin J’ai eu le même problème il y a un mois environ, les données n’étaient plus mises à jours en temps réel. J’ai malgré tout continué de bosser sur l’app et le problème à disparu de lui même …

@ vnihoul77 C’est dérangeant et inquiétant…

Voilà. Je viens de vérifier quelque apps d’antan, et je ne remarque pas le même problème. Si ce n’est pas pressant, tu peux toujours réessayer auprès de l’équipe de soutien dans quelque semaines si le problème persiste, mais ça semble vraiment être au cas-par-cas… Sans doute pourquoi ils t’on abandonné pour le moment. Je me désole pour ta situtation, mais courage.