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I have a Repeating Group with a list of available languages created in Option Sets. The user also has a corresponding Option Set data type in the database. The checkbox is set in the Repeating Group according to the language set by the user in the database.

  1. The user should be able to change the language - make a single choice by clicking on the checkbox in the Repeating Group.
  2. After clicking on the OK button, change the record of the selected language in the database.

I’ve seen similar questions on the forum but I can’t figure out the parameters for workflow and custom states.

I would be very grateful for help.

Hi there, @sixthtulip… since the editor was open, I set it up for you. One of the issues was that your custom state was a text instead of being linked to the option set. Another issue was that the checkbox needed to be in a group in order to get it to function properly.

Anyway, it should be working as expected now, and I hope this helps.


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Yes, it helped a lot. Everything works perfectly! True, I have not yet fully understood the principle of operation, I need to delve into it.
Thank you very much!

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One more question.
How to display the text on the welcome page according to the user’s browser settings when he has not yet registered in the application and has not chosen a language?
I finalized the test application from the first post. When the user enters the welcome page, they should see text in their browser’s language. By clicking OK (or by registering), the user’s language setting is stored in the database. Later, he can change it (as we did in the previous steps).

And what happens if the text in the welcome window is not translated into the user’s browser language? If NO Translation is displayed instead of text, is it possible to make it so that if there is no translation into the user’s browser language, the text is displayed in English?

UPD: I see that people solve this problem with the help of plugins. But I’m afraid that the plugin may be removed by its creator.

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