Single-page app with 2000+ AppText entries

I’m planning to make a single-page app that needs to be multilingual. Titles, subtitles, button and input captions + content of the app combined will result in over 2000 entries to make in the Settings>Language tab.

I have two concerns:
-Is there an efficient way to import export entries or the only way is to type them one by one?
-Will my users experience loading delays as they navigate through groups that are hidden on page load?


  1. Yes, one by one. At 2000 records, I will create an automation script (tool like
  2. 2000 entries x 100 characters, mean 200k of data to load additionnaly. But once loaded, it’s fast.

Would it be a good idea to create a data type called “My Language” and import a CSV instead? It would have three fields: Language name, TextID and the actual text. All the elements would dynamically get their text from there.

To prevent using “Do a search for” for every 2000 elements, I could load all the data into a Custom State of type “My Language”.

What do you think?

If you don’t mind in the future using the standard appText. It will work with 3 fields too. I just love to keep things where they supposed to be :slight_smile: I was using that method before but convert everything to appText.

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