Single page data transfer from group to group


I’m new to bubble. I am building a single page app. I have two groups. The first is the Food category, the second is Menu items. Each Menu item belongs to a specific food category.

How can I make it so that when you click on a food category in the group, only menu items that belong to the Food category that I clicked on are displayed in the Menu items group?


The data source of the menu item will be search for item where food category of the item belongs to the food category group

How to connect menu item to food category in database?

Basically food category can have multiple item , so in food category datatype add field of menu item that will be a list of menu items whereas menu item can have a single food category so add food category field in menu item data type

When you click on the food category in the group, you start/edit workflow, under element action, you select display data. In the inspector bar, you select the element you want to display data in your case it is menu item, and the data to display is the current cell food category/parent group food category. On the design tab, you should change the type of content of the group menu item to be Food category

Maybe there is a video how to do it?