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Single page height problem

Hello bibblers.
Before anything I want to let you know that I have searched all the forums before my question, and also hope you had a merry Christmas :mrs_claus: :christmas_tree:.
I use a single page app where I have groups to show and hide reacting as pages, but to be more mobile friendly.
I have a front group which is for example 100px height.
The rest of groups are 60px.
My index height had to be over 100px to cover the front group .
Then I have a footer which is square shape at the bottom so let’s say the index height is 120px
Now when a user click a button to view page (one of the groups of 70px) there’s a 50px gap to the footer.
How can I reduce the index height.
All my groups are collapsing when hidden but it seems the index height doesn’t change no matter what.
Thanks a lot guys

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