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Single sign-on on many apps

Hey guys. I need to create a single sign-on for an app suite we are creating. We need the user to be able to control all apps in an single app and also to be able to sign-on once and be connected to all of them.

Any thoughts?

Thanks a lot!


You can look into external SSO and federated identity services or manage it all by replicating users from one app to the others and using a magic link to confirm email ownership when the existing user signs up in a new app.

Hey Vini, that’s awesome. We are already taking this path. The question is we need the user to be able to navigate from app to app without having to login again, even with magic links.

Any thoughts?


I recently had a similar idea and decided to search the forums and found your post. Down the line, I want to build an SSO for a suite of apps that I will also build in Bubble, or maybe even other platforms.

I was wondering if you were able to resolve our issue regarding having users only sign in once and access their other apps without having to sign in again?

Thank you

I’m looking at this