Single slot availability based on teams?

Has anyone successfully and elegantly implemented an hour-by-hour availability calendar for teams? Ex: lets say we have a hairdresser salon. Checking a single hairdresser’s availability and “blocking” their current appointments is easy enough. However, if there are 4 hairdressers available, the math I’m doing gets heavy when I try to filter out a single request against all four hairdressers’ availability (general availability minus currently booked slots).

There is no solution that I’m aware of either on the forum or on the usual suspects’ youtubes. If I’m wrong please link it here and set this to “tips”. If I’m right, would you let me sponsor a video tutorial on how you accomplished this? Either made by you or sell me a method that works well so I can share it with the community on my channel. DM me with:

  1. Demo
  2. Plugins used (if any, vanilla or js2bubble solution preferred)
  3. Price


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hi duke,

i can help. please check pm.

best regards,

Thank you for your interest @amanda. I have checked my pm. There is nothing there.

hi duke,

please check again.

You are from CISIN. I can already say you that you are not able to offer a solution to @duke.severn

Try using Setmore

No need to invent the wheel. Just add it to your page with html. Try it out.

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Please excuse my ignorance, but what’s CISIN?

They behave like a cartel. Having 4-5 people from the same company bid and then eventually try to convince you to use regular coding.

They’re an India-based outsourcing firm. They reply on just about any post, whether the post was asking for freelancers or not, and we haven’t seen any success stories of working with them. To be fair, that doesn’t mean there aren’t happy customers, we just haven’t heard from them if there are.

You can see more about them here:

I had one project quote for 200 hours, I replied back to the manager saying that I’m also a project manager and that it shouldn’t take more than 20 hours, and that was even a lot for a small task. Then I got a revised quote back stating it would take 100 hours.

@nocodeventure @andrewgassen Thanks for the detailed explanation. I’ve heard from friends before there were sketchy companies like that on Upwork and other freelancing websites, but I’d have never guessed they operated here as well…

Unfortunately, out of the 10+ messages I received from indiatalent and cis/cisin, not a single dev took the time to review the initial post and provide any kind of indication that they knew what I was talking about. I had one answer from a dev that made sense but wasn’t what I was asking for in the post.

Thanks @J805 Jason, I just want to explore Bubble-only solutions. There is no way this isn’t possible to build in Bubble. I’m closer now as I’ve replaced my dates math with pure numeric ranges and it seems to speed it up. When I nail it I’ll make a tutorial, unless someone steps up with a solution first. This is still open.