Single webhook for Multiple events having different payload

I am using a third party whatspp service which has webhooks for seven events(each having different payload).
eg. Message Received,TemplateMessageSent.MesssageRead,MessageDelivered etc.

I need to setup a webhook in Bubble so that I can capture the responses.
Do I need to set up seven different webhooks for them(as each has different payload) OR this can be done with a single webhook?
Please help!!

When you say that their payload is different, I’m assuming that means that there’s no overlap in parameters. If so, you would need to set up a separate backend workflow for each of them. If there is an overlap in parameters, you could always trigger actions in the workflow based on conditions. I usually prefer to set them up separately even if there is an overlap in parameters as I find that it’s easier to stay organized that way.

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