Site Optimisation help required

Hi I am analysing my bubble app using GT Metrix, the results are woeful and notice the score is much better.

I have 2 critical errors that need resolving

  1. Eliminate render-blocking resources. Consider delivering critical JS/CSS inline and deferring all non-critical JS/styles.

  1. Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy

Anybody have any idea on how to resolve this or would like to quote?

For the first, if you are using the new responsive editor. Then go to settings => version => check deferred loading.

And run again GT matrix.

Second is optimize the bubble app via go to settings and check optimize the code.

Check if you have any unused plugin…

Don’t know about 2 points


I have so far:
Removed unused plugins and optimised the application
Removed 1 custom font
same results come back on the speed

I will test your suggestion and feedback , thank you

Nowadays it is not possible to eliminate totally render-blocking resources. works on it

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What are your actual GT Metrix scores on the app?

And, is this a public-facing web page, or an app only for those logged in? If it’s the latter, I would not care too much as Google is not a priority.

Btw, make sure you test your live page (not development, it’s slower) and run it in GT Metrix twice after you made changes and deployed.

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@alxgrepe here you go , what score do you usually see? bubble = 75%


I have some ideas relating to font and video loading, but will PM you to discuss it.

That’s a very good point and I think you’re probably right

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