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Site speed horribly slow

Hi guys,
I wanted to ask if these are abnormal site loading speeds for bubble. it seems so incredibly slow. we don’t have that many plugins and run very few workflows on the home page.

Any tips you can share? Thanks!

@pj1 this can be caused by a number of different things - hard to tell without having more visibility.

Have you tried upgrading to version 21 btw? I ran some before/after tests and noticed quite a big difference on my end.


We are on 21, yes, is there anything I can share to help diagnose?

@pj1 do you mind sharing a view-only link to your editor?

Maybe list all your plugins, and what your site does.

Your request is kind of like asking why “my car” can’t go 300mph, without saying what kind of car it is.

We need way more info, preferably a runtime link so see the website load up in our browsers.

My bet is a naughty plugin or some crazy DB search … easy to diagnose this with the browser console. :slight_smile:

I just tried to time a “no plugins/just the elements that come with the starter app” to see what the baseline “time to render” performance is for Bubble these days … but I have this problem :frowning: