Skilled Developer Needed!

This project opening still available. Budget is Flat Rate or a project web app developer position (revenue).
Welcome to use a pre*made theme (Complete Startup Pack, Premium Startup Kit, Responsive Dashboard) but will need to discuss before hand. Looking for visually dark color pallet. PM me if interested.


  • 2 Types of users. Admin/Developer
  • 2 Different dashboards (Admin/Developer) (Live updates of incoming data)
    • index.html page will be a login page for the developer/admin. If logged in * go to dashboard.
    • admin makes the accounts (email validate though that allows them to set their own username & password)
  • Dashboards will consists of visual graphs/tables/charts of
    • Incoming project stats API
    • Revenue API
      for each [Developer].Project. (Minute/Hour/Day/Week/Month/Year)
  • Developer will see only their projects stats for Revenue & Stats while admin see all developers & their projects.
  • Able to adjust incoming prices for projects.
    • Incoming: $1.00 /Per < ** adjustable
    • Developers:
      • Dev1: $0.30 <** adjustable
      • Dev2: $0.20 <** adjustable
    • (able to add/remove developers)
    • Admin: $0.50 <** what’s ever left
  • Project Management for Admin & Developer. Admin will assign new project to [Developer]
    • Chat/Note gateway for only the admin/developer.
    • Specialized “control/configuration UI/UX” for the project API Config.
  • Incoming API GET calls for projects configuration in a json format.
  • Incoming API POST calls from outbound sources.
    • All data/stats will be associated with [Developer].Project. This will include success, failed, total rates of program along with other list of data.
    • Incoming revenue from outbound source for [Developer].Project.
  • Account settings for PayPal Email/BTC Address, skype, etc
  • Recent payments/invoices (Revenue dashboard) This will also deduct from Revenue data. Once a payout has been made, “recent” revenue will be from the last payout.
    • admin creates these in his panel for developer.