Slack Integration w/o Pathfix?

To all,

I have a multi-tenant Bubble app and I’d like to integrate with Slack to allow either for my app to post to their channel or to interact from their channel via SlackBot to my app.

In Microsoft Teams, you create an Azure AD (now Entra) app and once the person accepts, I have the ability to interact with Teams as needed.

I haven’t found any good examples of how to do this with Slack. Also, every video example I find involves PathFix. While they look like a great solution, I’m also trying to minimize costs.

The existing Slack plugin doesn’t seem to support multi-tenancy or if it does, it’s certainly not clear.

Any pointers, videos, thoughts, or resources?

Using API Connector. You need to create an APP in Slack. User will have to “install” this app and this way, you will be able to interact with Slack in your users Slack workspace.

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