Slack plugin question

I am having an issue with the Slack plugin, such that my users are seeing the error message “Invalid auth - not logged into Slack” when they take an action that triggers a Slack notification in my workflow.

for instance, i want to get a Slack Notification from a Bot every time one of my users submits info on a certain page on my site.

this seems like a typical use case, but my users are getting an error message as if their personal Slack needs to be connected to my site.

Keep in mind that I have connected my slack to the site and when i take these actions the Slack messages send as expected.


I was able to solve this with the help of Tass from @TipLister

Hey @maxb can you specify how you resolved this?


@TipLister can you remind me what we did this? did we use a webhook?

Hi, here is a step by step list I just made on this; hope it helps!


Genius. It works like a charm.

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