Slackly - Common Chatroom?

I purchased the slackly template from Anyone have ideas for how to make it so that each user who signs up is put in the same workplace instead of in separate ones?


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Hi @wlocke, thanks for reaching out and template purchase.

By default logic of the template, to allow users to sign up and access the same workplace, they need to be invited there by the workplace creator.

Users can be added by following ways:

If you would like to adjust the existing workflow and sign up new users (which by default will be already invited in certain workplace/chats) - then - please check the workflow responsible for the “Sign in” button and change the logic accordingly.

How - by adding an action to the Sign-up page workflow, where would be added modifications in a certain team/workplace (add a currently created new user). Or, as an alternative, on the “Home” page, to add a check “current user - new?” - only if yes - add action “Add current user in XYZ team”.

See here an example: Screenshot by Lightshot

Hope it helps.

Zeroqode Team