Slide fields together on preview

Bubble slide fields
I have the two date fields that I need to show as 6/12/2022 - 7/24/22 The two dates are in separate fields. How do I show them as a group with a dash in the middle. Right now I am fiddling with spacing and it all looks bad. Also related question, why does it have that border around the fields?

Do you want them to appear inside the same ‘box’, just with a dash between them?

Or do you want them to remain as they are now (in two separate ‘boxes’) but just closer together?

Either would work. I want to indicate a range, such as from 6/7/22 - 7/14/22 . I have the two dates as separate fields. How do I add the dash and have them all look like one group? I tried grouping them but doesn’t seem to work. May be I am using the wrong group type.

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