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Slidebar menu - Mobile notifications


As we have Slidebar menu on the mobile version of (bubble-built) app, and as ‘Current User’ has a notifications (that usually on the desktop version is seen, e.g. beside the Notifications name of the page, as usually is), how we could show same “note” to the Current User on the mobile version?

I’ve been thinking to add condition, as to do “Search for notifications” of Current user, but that is deep search, unnecessary perhaps, don’t know even how to establish such data connection, but basically with the condition to add "(No. of notifications) beside the ‘Notification’ name in the mobile Sidebar menu, e.g. let say Current User has 3 notifications, i.e. Notifications (3).

Is there any straightforward way, or maybe totally new way for the mobile notifications UX? You can see mobile Sidemenu bar, needs to be registered user to see the whole menu, in this case “Notifications”.