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The Slidebar menu plugin is normally closed on page load.

I want the menu to remain open if the page is loaded on desktop, and remain closed on page load only on narrow screens.

How do I do this?

Hey @salian ,

You can get more customization if you build your own menu using a group. The key is to use a condition on the group to change its visibility based on the page width. For example, by default it’s visible (in Layout tab), but you’d have a condition that says something like:

When current page width < 1000 px (or whatever breakpoint you want) … disable the visibility property.

If you set your page’s layout style to Row, and have this group be the left-most item in the Row, then you can also get a slick sliding effect where the rest of the page content fills in that space whenever the menu is hidden. The content to the right of the menu can be any other layout type: column, row, align to parent. And, that right-side content would also need to have the appropriate width settings to expand like that, but it’s all do-able.

All this to say – take advantage of Bubble’s responsive engine to give you more flexibility around responsive groups for different screen sizes. The plugin you mentioned is meant to be hidden and shown when the icon is clicked (and I believe it always hides when you click outside of it), so, it serves basic needs.

Cheers, Gaby
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