Slider Menu - Parent/Child Categories

I need a slider menu with the capabilities of having parent and child categories. Example: On the menu, I would like the parent category item: Graphic Design, then when a user clicks on that items it a expands a list of child (or sub-categories) Logo Design, Business Card Design, Web Design, etc.

Can some one point me in the right direction of the right plugin for that functionality or do I need to custom build this?

Hey @spotyourlocal :wave:

I would use a floating group and just make it yourself. Make it the full length of your page and attach it to one of your sides. Then have it stick to top and bottom (both). Then you can trigger it with a button/icon. Does that makes sense?

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Awesome, we can discuss next week for sure. I will be booking a session soon!

Sounds good! :blush: See you soon.