Slider to adjust repeating Group Width

Hey All from Canada!

I want to use a slider for the user to adjust the width of a Repeating Group.
My slider would have a width between 250 pixels to 1050 pixels.
I searched the Forum to no avail.

Any Clue?

1 - Assign an ID to the RG (ex: “rg-ID”);
2 - Insert the SliderInput element and set its values;
3 - Insert an HTML element on the page and use the following code (remember to remove the brackets):


#rg-ID {
width: {SliderInput's value}px !important;
max-width: {SliderInput's value}px !important;


The max-width property will only be necessary if your RG is defined with a fixed width by default, otherwise you can remove it from the code and keep only the width.

Thanks @Newed ,

I tried this but the width of my RG does not “respond” to the slider’s width?
Are there any settings I have to set for the style to override the CSS style?

You should remove the brackets.

width: SliderInput's valuepx !important;

Thanks. My Repeating Group ID is: RG002

Does it need a # sign before it as shown in this screen capture?


Got it to work. Thanks. I had a space between value and px. Removed it and it now works.


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