Slideshow background color

Hi guys! Is there a way to implement background color for the slideshow plugin?



yes, do you want color or another image? image might sound silly but some work well.

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just the background color behind the image. because there’s no “crop” function :wink:

this will sound like a lot but once done it will help a lot with these little changes…

  1. go to your apps settings, then general and check the expose id’s box…

  1. give the slide show an id (found at the bottom of the slide shows properties)

  2. go to your plugins and add the plugbubble plugin.

  3. add the action, on page load - run custom code block.

if you names it slide by chance, lol the below can stay as is, if not change the word slide after the # for your chosen id.

  1. add this to the block $('#slide').css('background-color', 'blue');

you can replace blue with hex if you like.

should anyone else want to add an image here is the block -

$('#slide').css('background-image', 'url("YOUR-IMAGE-URL")');

i’m fine with css. seems just a little hack for a very simple thing. :wink:

who knows, you might find that the plugbubble plugin gives you the power to implement what should have been from day dot and it might inspire you to fill the code block… :slight_smile: nothing like synced separate sliders, animations or a little change in nav icons - Curious?