Slightly decrease sensitivity for moving floating windows

I find that about 25-35% of any time I press a button in a floating window in the editor, it simply doesn’t respond. I didn’t really think about the cause until after several months I started realizing just how much time I was actually wasting with this happening hundreds of times over a day. It might sound trivial, but with major projects, it can become quite an annoyance.

I am pretty sure the reason is that when you hold the mouse button, the editor thinks you want to move the floating window. It does this even when hovering a button or link. The problem is, the delay until it interprets the click as a hold-to-drag is so short, it ends up assuming that I want to drag the window too often when I actually want to press the button. I don’t know if it’s the length of the click or the movement of the mouse, but I would love it if this could be made a bit less sensitive. Or maybe even completely disabled on buttons, as it is on text fields.

I’ve illustrated in a video below. It’s a bit exaggerated, as I’m actually moving the window in the clip, but it’s just to show what I mean:

Never had this issue, are you using a touchpad?

Haven’t had this issue either. Maybe switch off any extensions?

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Been experiencing this on a bunch of different computers/mice, Firefox and Chrome etc, and it happens very frequently. Haven’t used touch pad in a while, so can’t say for sure if it happens there too.

If most people don’t experience this issue, it may simply be some bad habit of mine (how I move the mouse/click the buttons, etc) of course. I work on a larger screen, so I have my mouse sensitivity/speed set pretty high, which may also explain it.

I still think it makes sense to make the dragging option less sensitive at least over elements such as buttons, or remove it altogether on those elements. Feel free to disagree, but when moving the floater I rarely click one of the buttons to drag it.