Slow app (image uploading + Link Preview API), Responsiveness issues (not a common use case)

:blush:I hope I can help you out a little bit here and give you some ideas. Here are my, first look, suggestions:

  1. I notice you are using a file uploader. Try using a Picture Uploader instead and make sure you check “Limit image size before upload” which should speed up your uploading images. Images will upload 100x faster. See image:

  2. I just set up an example of a Link Preview on my end and it’s lightning fast. Check out how I have it set up. The parent group has the Get Preview’s data once and then the elements inside the group just reference the parent groups Get Preview’s (Link Preview) information. This way it doesn’t try to run the API multiple times, it just does it once. Very quick. See GIF:


  1. Try making the repeating groups as ‘Full List’ instead of a vertical scrolling list. That might help the page scroll better. So to make this better on the Desktop version… First, make sure the floating group is farther down the page. Then use a group as a spacer to collapse the extra space if need be at the bottom of the screen. But if you make the whole page taller it will allow the floating group to actually sit on the bottom of the page instead of 2 inches above the bottom of the screen on my laptop. I have a video about one-page apps, but it’s on my members only portal (which is a monthly subscription).

That should fix all of the issues and you should be good to go. I tested everything already.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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