Slow loading performance in preview mode

Hi everyone,
I built a slider using a repeating group that contains real estate properties from the Bubble DB. Each contains title, description, images etc.
The slider works well in live production mode, but when I use it on a page that I am currently building, and want to test it in preview mode, the loading time of the image is really slow. When shifting to the next real estate property, the title and description are loading in an instant, but the picture takes 2-3 seconds to load. Although it is already a small image and as said earlier, it is working fine on the other page using the same data base in live mode.
Is this just an issue that bubble is significantly slower in preview mode or am I missing something here?
Thanks for your support.

Bubble is indeed slower in preview mode than live.

Might be wrong with the explanation here but I believe it has to do with caching - My guess is they don’t cache the preview mode so it’s always re-loading all of the resources so it’s always the very latest change.

Thanks for your reply.