Slow Response from Bubble

@AliFarahat – thanks! We get a ton of help and support from the community in terms of people helping out new users in the forum, and creating learning resources for Bubble. That makes a huge difference, and the more time people spend on it the easier it is for us.

@gregjohnkeegan – on dedicated pricing, so our smallest plan right now is still fairly substantial in terms of hardware, because we want to make sure that apps perform well on it – otherwise it kind of defeats the point of switching. However, we’ve only had users on dedicated plans for a month or so now, so as we get more data over time, we might be comfortable offering a smaller, less expensive starting plan.

In terms of sharing a dedicated cluster between a couple of users, we can certainly set that up if anyone’s interested. The co-tenants would have to coordinate around when to deploy new software, and they should probably agree in advance what to do if one of the apps starts getting a lot of traction and needs to upgrade. So, I don’t know how well it’d work in practice – it probably depends on the people involved – but if anyone wants to try it, reach out to us at

@DaveA Right now, it’s not especially easy to break out the performance of any given app on a shared cluster. As part of the work I’m doing on solidifying operations, I’m planning on building some dashboards that offer more transparency into overall Bubble performance and uptime. I have a few projects around database speed and reliability that are higher priority, so that’s going to be a little bit down the road.