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Slow show/ hiding- best way to optimise?

Hey when showing/ hiding objects on mobile in particular i’m getting big lagging.

Anyone else come across this? the object its self is light in terms of graphics but heavy in workflows- is this a problem?

I’d look in the workflows - there may be something in there causing the lag - like extensive database lookups. To see if that’s the case try building the object with no workflow and show it to see what happens on a test page by itself.

But also I’ve seen bubble be generally slow in some types of requests. To set the expectation I’ve been adding processing type spinners until the data shows up.

I suspect this is the cause, but i wondered if anyone else has seen a difference between mobile and desktop.

Seems odd to me- desktop is snappy and quick, mobile (same wifi) sloow.

When the objects are showing is when the data loads, you can use a prefetch on an invisible element e.g. a 1x1 pixel repeating group with no background borders or content (not hidden) and then make visible the real controls you want to display the data in and simply reference the invisible pre-fetch element’s list of things or thing as the data source.

I have used this a couple of times and it makes for a cleaner experience than what I had originally with direct loading.

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