Slow UX on a very simple page

I have the simplest page that consist of an input box and a text box that displays what has been typed in the input. When I type the first character I can see that the text box is updated immediately but when I type more than one character, it takes ~1s to update the text box.

I am wondering if there is a way to make this experience faster? Or if someone could explain to me why it has to be slow like this?

Here’s the app to reproduce: Bubble | No-code apps

Hey @jeremie.dayan

Welcome to the Bubble community! :confetti_ball: :tada:

Here is a plugin that updates the inputs faster if you need it to, check it out: Keystroke Input Trigger Plugin | Bubble

Maybe this is what you are looking for?

Hope that helps! :blush:


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Thanks @J805 ! Indeed this plugin helps speed things up and make overall UX more fluid. I am just a bit disappointed that I need to put this in place instead of relying on the native Bubble way of handling things… It is quite convoluted to use a monitor + a state to achieve a fluid UX.

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Yeah, there are a few things that I wish was native to Bubble. I am glad the plugin store exists to add functionality though. The plugin store wasn’t around when I first started learning Bubble, so I’m just grateful it’s there now. :blush: The community really helps accelerate the Bubble capabilities.