Small Community for Bubble Development / Tutorials

If anyone is interested, feel free to join & contribute. I’ve already started by posting a few tutorials, starting with the new Stripe Self Service Portal into Bubble.

Free - but requiring signup to prevent spam. :slightly_smiling_face:


Very nicely done congrats! I’m in

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Thank you! @ambroisedlg

Bubble is a trademark. You shouldn’t be putting that name in the domain.

I signed up but couldn’t find the tutorial on the forum.

Good point. I put a disclaimer in the welcome message, but will probably follow in your advice and mix the name again so as there’s no confusion. :slightly_smiling_face:

Will post back with the link to the tutorial after I switch the domain.

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@nocodeventure Updated - Thanks for the suggestion.

Link to the Stripe Self Service Portal:

This is more or less a starter, will be frequently updating the ‘documentation’ or contributors from the group are welcome to chime in. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Do you have a demo of the Stripe Self Service portal? I wonder if you also added custom events, to allow triggering actions.

@nocodeventure I realize after posting the documentation version, it’s not enough… I think a full video walk through from start to finish would be more beneficial. (Will do that soon)

I’m basically just using my own Stripe Express setup for most of the actions. (i.e retrieving customer info, etc.) I haven’t setup any webhooks as the stripe docs suggest.

Here’s just a quick look:

I’m still getting used to it. I’m sure I’ll learn more the more I read into it and play around. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If we can embedded this on the page, that would be cool!

Awesome! Is it possible to show this content in a popup?


Here is what happened when I clicked the email confirmation link.

That’s odd… I never got this when confirming my own account in gmail. I might have to move this over to my own SMTP with sendgrid or mailgun.

Thanks for the heads up @robert! :slight_smile:

@nocodeventure I’m not sure if it can be embedded, would be cool though.

@vinicius.tst.eng Same answer for popup, not sure. Would be neat though.

I’m working on a just a small API plugin if anyone’s interested in testing it out. Still need to add a bit to it.


Amazing bro!! Keep it up!! Im gonna test it for sure :star_struck:


Hey @lantzgould really great job putting this plugin together! Looking forward to seeing what else you add to it! Left your plugin a review btw :raised_hands:

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Thanks so much @jcalvarezjr! :slight_smile:

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Keep us posted on any new functionality you add!

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What’s the return URL parameter that needs to be added?
I keep getting this error Self Service Portal error: the parameter return_url is empty and is mandatory

Anybody knows how to get this working?

Hi @lantzgould
I’ve set my plugin up as follows;

but I’m getting this error when the workflow runs:

Any help would be much appreciated.