Smart way to refer to a list of fields

Hi, I have a thing with fields for questions that users select or enter answers for regarding their preferences. At the end it asks which of the preferences are most important to them. I then want to show a summary of those most important preferences.

At the moment I am storing the selected important preferences as a list of text. Then using conditions to hide the preferences that are not selected as the most important. This is OK but there are a lot of questions and so I’m trying to think of a smarter way to do this. Optimally I’d have a field which holds a list of fields and I can then just display those, but this of course is not possible.

Any ideas from the community?

Thanks in advance

What is wrong with the current setup of using a list of texts?

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There is nothing wrong with it as such. But the solution then requires all questions to be listed on a page with almost all of them hidden which is not very efficient. There are about 30 questions and only 3 are selected as the most important.

Okay…what you need then is another data field that you put onto the User data type and make that a list field and make it so you save the 3 selected preferences, then anytime you want to reference the Users 3 selected preferences you reference the field you create on the User data type that saves their 3 selected preferences.

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Hi, thanks for the suggestion. The problem here is that not all the preferences are the same type. I think I should be able to convert them to text though. Dealing with updates will be tricky but I’ll give it a try.