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Smooth connection from "current user" to "current ***" after Login or Signup


As the title suggests, we would like to smoothly connect the data associated with each account.

By the way, we are assuming a flow from the login screen to the dashboard.
“Custom data types” are assumed to be user and other type.
On the dashboard page, you can manage the store status (different “Custom data types” ) of one user, and so on.

Thank you in advance for your help.

I’m not sure your question makes sense but for what I think you’re trying to do use the ‘Go to page’ action and add the data you want to send in ‘data to send’.

Dear georgecollier.

Thank you for your reply.

Currently, I send “current user” in “data to send” to the dashboard page.
When changing values(not “user” table) in the page, I make use of “Make changes to thing” , tie “current user” to the data field (field type : “user”) .

I am not sure if the above approach is correct.

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