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You know the feeling of “Search for …” - database, e.g. in this case let’s say to reach total number of users (:count).

Would be great if that waiting period, and the “blank” / “waiting” time period we can display actually the dynamic numbers, from 0 till let say 457 - Total number of users?

Have tried to find such feature somewhere, as all of us have seen such “data display” on the websites, and such, it brings attention of the visitor, and makes the platform “smoother”.

Is there any simple solution, perhaps not including any plugin (to make the platform even more slower ironically and respectfully?


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Thank you for your post! Currently there isn’t a native feature that achieves this functionality, however, many of our users have achieved similar functionality. Here’s a video I recommend checking out: How to Animate a progress bar for popups and forms in your Bubble App - YouTube. Additionally, there are many plugins that you may find useful if you would be interested in that option!

some people have done things to do a content pre-loader like youtube does


Thanks to both for previous reply! @dazhane and @boston85719

Progress bar is ok, but in this case i have a text field that shows total number of user (Search for users…), and as doing the search, I’ve thought to basically see the search, (same as progress bar if you will but,) i.e. showing the current (searched) number.

Imagine the following numbers as one dynamic number in the text field (element):

1, 5, 16, 29, 46, 50, 89, 101, 140, 179, 205 - Total number of users is shown at the end, as it suppose to be shown…

The question lays between the “click” to the "total number of users, to show those numbers, instead of having it empty (text field - element), to show the progress in that way, ‘the number way’ if you will :smiley:

Do you see where I am getting with this?

when you use a text element and put into it a dynamic expression of search and then the operator :count…the number is returned much quicker than a rg would display the results.

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