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SMS app API linked to bubble Mobile app view

Dear Bubble Happiness Team

Is it possible to install SMS app (external link)?

For example, in the one of tabs.

Hope to hear from you soon

Not sure I get what you’re trying to do. Can you be more specific?

For iOS you can use this:
for Android I’m not sure if it’ll work

Great! it works with iMessage.

Launch Messages App
New SMS Message

However, This method works in Android with my own chatapp.
I would like to share with Bubble Fans.

.config( [
function( $compileProvider )
// Angular before v1.2 uses $compileProvider.urlSanitizationWhitelist(…)


Dear Bubble App
I am planing for an APP which can schedule sms, Emails according to days, month, years set up by the user and will be delivered on particular time.
So how to start?

You wont be using the method described above, if I am understanding correctly.

What number will be delivering the SMS, the User’s number or your service’s number?

Not possible for User Number. For your service’s number you will need to use a service like Twilio.

Please explain more in depth.

Nic | Codurly