SMS Test Notifications

Hi, I’m creating a website, in the website I would like my users to be able to update the status of a car detail when the state is updated id like an SMS test message sent to the customer on the updated states.

Please let me know how I should go about this.


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Hi @remingtonlandmann,

I would recommend looking at an SMS provider like Twilio or Clicksend or Bird.

Sweet thank you.

Do you have any video or article recommendations to learn more about and how to implement it directly into my application?

I use ClickSend, with the ClickSendSMS plugin.

So whatever workflow you have that changes the status of a car detail, you would just add a ‘SendSMS’ action in that workflow that sends the SMS to the customer with whatever message you want to send.

You could get fancy with it and create Things for SMS Templates that allows the user to customize the SMS message to the customer, and the SendSMS Action would find and use the correct template, or you could just type out the message in the SendSMS action.