SMS Verify Attempts Reset Every 12 Hours , help


i have a native app that the user login into using only his phone number like WhatsApp and it works great, when the user login into the app, an SMS is sent to his mobile for verification and is limited for 3 times only, I was able to achieve this successfully but I was unable to reset it every 12 hours

i have a " User " database with Phone Number
and a " SMS Attemps " database with Phone Number & Attempts

the Attempts is set as default to 0 , when the user tries to log in and receives an SMS message it increase +1 , and when it hit 3, he can’t log in

the workflow I’m trying to accomplish is when phone number -> attempt is 3 , set a timer for 12 hours, and when the timer is finished set phone number -> attempts to 0

how can I do that?

any ideas ?

You’ll likely need to use an API workflow to schedule the “unlock” for 12 hours into the future.

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