Snap scrolling to top of group element

I’m trying to implement snap scrolling in a page. I’ve installed classify. Here is the code to achieve snap scrolling:

.snap-container { scroll-snap-type: y mandatory; overflow-y: scroll; height: 100vh; /* Adjust based on your needs */ } .snap-section { scroll-snap-align: start; height: 100vh; /* Adjust based on your needs */ }
Section 1 Content
Section 2 Content
Section 3 Content
Section 4 Content
How do i implement this using groups and classes. The groups are set up with the proper ID's and I places the css in an HTML element on the page. When I inspect the page all of the classes are setup correctly and I can even change the background color of the snap-sections so I know it is working for that but no scrolling effect. Thanks, Jim Mueller.

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