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Sneak Peak: ⚡️ Ultimate Animations Plugin — Build 100% custom animations without code

This plugin is in review but I thought I would give everyone a sneak peak and some time to poke around the demo editor. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback in the meantime!

:link: Live Demo + Documentation
:link: Demo Editor

Ultimate Animations Overview

Design 100% Custom animations without code and without constraints.

Compose timed, scroll based, and mouse based animations with ease. This lightweight plugin is a Game Changer for any bubble developer feeling constrained by the lack of animation options.

Unlike other animation plugins, Ultimate Animations allows you to construct animations and control them down to the Pixel. The limit is truly your imagination. If you have ever used Webflow, this has all the same capabilities!



  1. :stopwatch: Timeline (Compose & Control Timed Animation Sequences)

  2. :anchor: Scroll Anchor (Compose and Control Scroll Based And Scroll triggered animations)

  3. :mouse: Mouse Move (Compose Animations that Respond to Mouse Movement)

  4. :round_pushpin: Scroll % (Returns the percentage of the page that has been scrolled)

These are workflow actions not associated with an element. There are plenty of workflow actions that are element specific which you can read about in the documentation.

:zap: Quick Animate
:zap: Custom Scroll To Element



:zap: Move X
:zap: Move Y
:zap: Scale X
:zap: Scale Y
:zap: Rotation
:zap: Opacity
:zap: Skew X
:zap: Skew Y
:zap: Background Color
:zap: Text Color
:zap: Width
:zap: Height


:bulb: Intuitive & Well Documented

:art: Create 100% Custom Animations with No Limitations

:scissors: Move+Width+Height Units (px,%,VH,VW,EM,REM)

:triangular_ruler: Transform Origin Control

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Full Easing Library

:tada: Single & Multi Property Animations

:stopwatch: Complete Timing Control

:repeat_one: Looping + Direction Freedom

:vertical_traffic_light: Animation Override

:potable_water: Total Overflow Control

:racing_car: Extremely High Performance CSS Transforms

:calling: Mobile Ready!


Anyone who would like free access to test it out please let me know!

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This looks interesting!

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This is amazing! I would love to test it out.

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PM me your app name

Woah … :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::fire:

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