So the core function of my app is broken

Hey Bubble, So my app was built by Zeroqode and the core feature is not working all of a sudden. They are not willing to fix it so I am trying to figure it out myself. I reached out to bubble per their suggestion and bubble responded with this

"We looked through your workflows at the time where the page is stuck loading, and in the Logs tab to see which workflows were successfully executed. We discovered a number of things in our investigation that on that page. Firstly, the workflow ‘Popup UserSubmit’s Submitted Offers:filtered:count is not 0’ does not direct the ‘Popup pdfLoading’ to hide.

Secondly, in the custom event ‘createPdfZeroqode’, the execution of the action ‘Set state Accepted of negotiating’ relies on the condition that the ‘Popup UserSubmit’s Submitted Offers:filtered:count is 0’ when this is not true in this series of events. Our last observation was that the action ‘Convert to PDF ConverttoPDF A’ relies on the condition ‘Only when current/date time is empty’, which is not the case according to the step-by-step debugger. When we changed these in a copy of the test version, we found that the issue resolves if the these points are addressed. Please test this on your end."

Would anyone be willing to help me out and fix this? I have some users that haven’t been able to use the app for two days and I am afraid they will unsubscribe if I can’t fix it in time :confused:

Hey @aloecf!

Sorry to chime in, but we just wanted to elaborate on 2 things here:

built by Zeroqode and the core feature is not working all of a sudden

Yeah, this is really weird - the app was working with no issues for 2 months since the handover, Not sure what could go wrong between now and then!

They are not willing to fix it

Indeed, we were very much discouraged by you how you were handling the issue internally and externally, so we decided it’s best for you to seek external help.

Very sorry about this issue, and I hope you’re able to resolve this very soon!

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