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So, what's really the best way to handle vast amount of the image uploads?

I have been building a site for a printing service now and the customers on the site will upload many images, so I first thought compressing the image will somewhat solve this issue so, I’ve installed the Image Compressor plugin but then, my database got slow down and giving me this errors. “Can’t retrieve your data now, try again later”

So I spoke to one of the Bubble supports, and he wrote

This behavior is resulting from storing fields that are larger than 1 MB. You mentioned your file is compressed to 1.2 MB. I’d recommend compressing to strictly less than 1 MB. This should execute the query successfully.

With regards to your load time, you mentioned storing images as compressed files. Have you looked into our picture uploader: Input Forms - Bubble Docs

Using our picture uploader will compress and store images appropriately.

Ok, so I understand that the size of the image file must be less than 1MB but does this mean I didn’t need to install the compressor plugin??

Another thing I would like to ask is, is using Bubble’s AWS the best way to handle lots of picture? I also understand that Bubble will charge us if the data amount exceeds certain limit of the usage on AWS, so Zeroqode has this plugin AWS Upload to let us use AWS without Bubble. But with this plugin my concern is that it can create another problem when bubble updates their service, and will give us the potential of site crash because of the compatibility of the plugin.

So what’s really the best way to hanlde a lot of images with bubble?

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