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Soaring Designs | A ton of Roleplay Products, and Websites

Soaring Designs
*Soaring Designs was founded in February Of 2020 by the current CEO @Darin S. | Soaring Designs#6077 So far Soaring Designs have seen very good success in the CAD market and we hope to expand. Come check us out, Here is what we have to offer. We have recently brought 1+ more products to the server. Including Documents, Websites, Twitter systems, and more, All for a Affordable Price! We hope to see you! :slight_smile:

:christmas_tree: Holiday Specials! :christmas_tree:

:red_circle: Custom CAD/MDTs For As Little As $10 USD

:red_circle: Discord Servers & Bots

:red_circle: Penal Codes

:red_circle: Paid Advertisements

:white_check_mark: We have extremely good ratings from our wonderful customers!

:confetti_ball: We also do giveaways/challenges to win CADs!

:robot: Discord Bots

:gift: A lot of other Role-play Products

:fire: Custom GIFs for your server needs

A Reliable Staff Support System
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Hey @darin.smith, here at Zephyr Creations we also have alot of options and products!
Are you Looking For A Cheap CAD? Are You Looking To Start Up Your Server, But Need Help? Are you looking for a Custom Built Discord Bot? We Got You Covered! We Are Zephyr Creations! We Have Only Just Started Up Our Server, But We Promise To Give You The Best Quality Experience & The Best Quality Service!
We Offer:

Please don’t advertise on other peoples forms.



Yes we do, we updated our shop with a lot of stuff.