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Soaring Designs
Soaring Designs was founded in February Of 2020 by the current CEO @Darin S. | Soaring Designs#6077 So far Soaring Designs have seen very good success in the CAD market and we hope to expand. Come check us out, Here is what we have to offer.

:red_circle: Custom CAD/MDTs For As Little As $10 USD

:red_circle: Discord Servers & Bots

:red_circle: Penal Codes

:red_circle: Paid Advertisements

:white_check_mark: We have extremely good ratings from our wonderful customers!

:confetti_ball: We also do giveaways/challenges to win CADs!

:robot: Discord Bots

:gift: A lot of other Role-play Products, from twitter systems, to darkwebs systems and a lot more!

:fire: Custom GIFs for your server needs

A Reliable Staff Support System
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Ticket bot is fixed!

Why do you have to spam? I am just curious.

We do not spam. We keep are bubble users updated

Hello @darin.smith.

This is a forum’s not a place to advert CADS.

Indeed this is a forum, however, it is a cad/MDT forum. This forum is meant for advertising your cads. If you do not wish to see CAD/MDT advertising, feel free to go to another forum.

Thanks for understanding,

Hello @darin.smith.
Thanks for your response.

I am going to be nice and civil here. You don’t reserve the forums. I am going to continue here on I see no point for me to leave. I am kindly informing you that this is not for advertising. Sure, it’s the “CAD/MDT” side of things. I understand, though. You have a Discord for the SAME things. If people are interested, they can just join the Discord to be updated with the latest news. Hope you understand.

Kind regards,

Forums are for updating people. We updated people on bubble and discord. Bubbe is a really good place to promote our service for people that are in need of cads. We do not spam this by any means. We only keep one post up.

Hello @darin.smith.

Sure, good point. I understand. Have a blessed day!

Kind Regards,

Thanks, you to!

We are open


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