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Soaring Designs
Soaring Designs was founded in February Of 2020 by the current CEO @Darin S. | Soaring Designs#6077 So far Soaring Designs have seen very good success in the CAD market and we hope to expand. Come check us out, Here is what we have to offer.

:red_circle: Custom CAD/MDTs For As Little As $10 USD

:red_circle: Discord Servers & Bots

:red_circle: Penal Codes

:red_circle: Paid Advertisements

:white_check_mark: We have extremely good ratings from our wonderful customers!

:confetti_ball: We also do giveaways/challenges to win CADs!

:robot: Discord Bots

:gift: A lot of other Role-play Products, from twitter systems, to darkwebs systems and a lot more!

:fire: Custom GIFs for your server needs

A Reliable Staff Support System
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Ticket bot is fixed!

Why do you have to spam? I am just curious.

We do not spam. We keep are bubble users updated

Hello @darin.smith.

This is a forum’s not a place to advert CADS.

Indeed this is a forum, however, it is a cad/MDT forum. This forum is meant for advertising your cads. If you do not wish to see CAD/MDT advertising, feel free to go to another forum.

Thanks for understanding,

Hello @darin.smith.
Thanks for your response.

I am going to be nice and civil here. You don’t reserve the forums. I am going to continue here on I see no point for me to leave. I am kindly informing you that this is not for advertising. Sure, it’s the “CAD/MDT” side of things. I understand, though. You have a Discord for the SAME things. If people are interested, they can just join the Discord to be updated with the latest news. Hope you understand.

Kind regards,