Social 'Invite' Graph

Hey everyone!
I had it done but thought I could simplify the process and now it’s all gone and I have no idea where the fault in my logic is right now. :frowning:

My goal: have unique invite codes and being able to match joining people to their inviter via those codes.

I have a list with available codes (randomly generated and uploaded by myself via csv file)
Type: Codelist
“code” = text

And I have “Invitations” where each one has an “invite code” with its designated creator so I can match that later when people join.
Type: Invitation
“invite” = text

I want to remove a code from the Codelist based on the invite.
I basically want "Code remove “Result of Step 1’s Invite

What am I doing wrong and is there an easier way for unique + one-time-only invitations that allow me to match the inviting person to the invited person once they join?
(I basically want to be able to display a social graph of “who invited who”)


Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I think that an easy way to handle this would be to have the code on the Invitation type with two additional fields: inviter and invitee. On the user type, add a Inviter field with the user type, and when the invitee signs up, populate the Inviter field with the user who invited them. Then use the user type in the database to populate the network map chart based on the inviter.

ok, but that doesn’t answer my question regarding the unique codes and how to delete an already used one :confused:

Looking at the picture you posted, it looks like you are trying to make changes to the field with all the codes. In the thing to change box, do a search for codelists with a constraint, code field contains result of step 1’s code. Then it will provide you options for fields, select the codes field and then select remove step 1’s code.